Temp-N-Toss™ for Retail & Private Label

Give your customers the hottest product in temperature-taking: Temp-N-Toss™! A low-cost, high-profit product, Temp-N-Toss™ is the ideal entry for your brand into the lucrative health and wellness market.

Design & Branding

Our team of designers can customize the Temp-N-Toss™ packaging and labeling to match your branding. From custom colors to logos to packaging information, we can transform Temp-N-Toss™ into the perfect retail item to deliver your brand’s message.

Packaging & Display Options

Claim your footprint and stand out from the competition the shelf with our innovative packaging and display options, such as a Powerwing Display. Take advantage of our standard hang tag 6-pack, or let our expert packaging team develop the right solution for you.


Manufactured in the U.S. to strict FDA standards in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, Temp-N-Toss™ is the standard for high quality products—the perfect marker of excellence for your brand.