Don’t Sweat Menopause.

Unparalleled cooling technology helps you stay comfortable through hot flashes and night sweats.

NASA-approved Outlast® technology adapts to fluctuations in your temperature for an unmatched and innovative approach to maximum comfort. It’s the ultimate in activewear with fabric designed for NASA spacesuits where temperatures change by 500 degrees, By proactively managing your body temperature, our clothing stores that heat to keep you cool, and then releases it as you cool down…keeping you feeling “just right.”

Adaptive Comfort

Our menopause shirt actively absorbs, stores, and releases heat so you stay in your comfort zone.

Proven Menopausal Relief

In a study, 75% of women felt more comfortable and 90% experienced less sweating.*

No-Fuss Care

Machine-washable and durable, our menopause shirt is easy to care for and long-lasting.

What is Active Temperature Regulation?

Not too warm, not too cold – just right. That’s the easy way to explain how phase change materials work. During the night your body continues to change temperature. Outlast® materials reduce overheating and sweating, allowing you to sleep more soundly and wake up more rested.
Outlast® materials absorb excess body heat when too much is created and release it again to the body when needed. As a welcomed “side effect”, sweating is reduced dramatically while temperature is balanced actively and dynamically.

  • Outlast® technology is based on the use of microcapsules which can absorb, store and release excess body heat.
  • Outlast® materials buffer temperature swings and hold the temperature in a comfortable range.
  • The temperature regulating effect repeats continuously and an unlimited number of times.
What does “Certified Space Technology” mean?
The “Certified Space Technology” seal of approval is awarded by the American Space Foundation and is the only official recognition authorized by NASA. PCM Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations in space. Outlast acquired the exclusive rights to license the technology in 1991 and are the only textile application awarded the “Certified Space Technology” designation. You can find this designation printed on the hangtag attached to the shirt.
Do Outlast® products need special care?
Outlast® products possess an excellent durability in normal household washing (just follow the care instructions of the manufacturer). Unfortunately, we do not recommend dry cleaning (it will have a negative impact on the performance of the material).
Are there additional colors or styles available?
We have launched our line initially in white with the short-sleeve crew neck and v-neck. However, black will be available in 2023, and we will also look to expand our size ranges into Unisex as well as explore color and style options.
Is Tempagenix licensed to use the Outlast® technology?
Yes, Outlast® works with a licensing system and therefore only licensed partners can use Outlast® technology in their products. Additionally, all products are tested to ensure they correspond to the Outlast® guidelines. If all quality demands are fulfilled, the product is certified.

Outlast® is recognized worldwide for phase change materials, temperature regulation, and improved comfort. Outlast® materials absorb excess body heat and release it to the body when needed. Originally developed for NASA, Outlast® products have been awarded the “Certified Space Technology” seal of approval.

*According to an Outlast Technology Blind Field Study.

Outlast® is a registered trademark of Outlast Technologies, LLC. The Certified Space Technology Seal is a trademark of the Space foundation, an initiative of NASA.